gta san andrees multy player

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gta san andrees multy player

Postby House-Max » Wed May 11, 2011 11:34 am

Hello guys

Few time ago I started to play some mod of the old grand theft auto san andreeas.
The multi player patch for private servers, make the game more fun to play, the story is created by all the players there, and the world can and is a nicer place to be... or at least you may make it.
The mod have many other types of play.
but I choise the role play style.
on role play servers you have the chance to re write the story line of the game.
you start alone in a city from the rank 0. you can chouse how you like to look and after that you may start building your life there.
You will go and take a job, buy yourself a car.
You may get into gangs or you may take a good job like ambulance driver or police/sherif or even one FBI agent.
all this will help you create your own story in a world with over 300 players..
You may get married with the richer person there and climb fast in the world like in real life.
You can buy houses and rent it like in real life. buy food drugs be a taxi driver or a mechanic, only you imagination is the limit.
For more Information about the script or server I am waiting for comments and I will be happy to reply.

Yours House-Max
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