DIRT 2 1rst impression

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DIRT 2 1rst impression

Postby House-Max » Sat Jul 24, 2010 3:16 pm

DIRT 2 1rst impression
house-max 7-dec-2009 at 1:47 pm

the game is a real simulator
I could say some intro line but I was thinking at this review for a while, and I was dieing to start writing
it is a short game but it worth play every minute
the graphic level is great, is true that it take us to "the next level"
details are well done. but it still have some little issues
like the "v'sync" option is not working so well
and some delay in changing gear time and the animation to.
but if u can pass about this problems the game it is just perfect.
the version of the game I got it had only the steam serial key
and for new users of steam that might get u in trouble, I got in for sure,
when u try to make the account for live ( online multiplayer mode) it ask u for the game serial... that is different from normal one u can find it in steam at game info.
anyway let's pass this one, to make a small compare with dirt one ... to me at least it appear to have fewer real tracks ... u run on the track both ways but the number of tracks is low.. at least this is look like to me, the car numbers it is ok u can chouse from many types.... even that I can bet u will use only 3-5 cars while u play the game at least I used just few of them.
the feeling is good and the damage level look so real, in replay u can see better that even the tire of the car it get diformed when u hit the road or take the form of the road even when u stay on it... is not perfect round like in other games.
it have some new thing in compare with dirt one.. one thing u can see at grid, that flash back thing.. if u get a serious hit and cannot continue u can rewind back few seconds and replay them... so u can be able to avoid that crash and move one.
the game is very good optimized, the frame rates at me wore constant.. with a very low variation that admit maximum 20% from medium under...
the detail level of tracks is more that I could even dream of.. the lighting and reflexes are real... water effect on windows looks very good... it looks good from outside too.
the game works perfect online with no lag and disconnecting.. the cars don't disappear and appear back like in other games... it worth all the money and if u are a rally racing fan... u have to get this game...

till next game review
your friend House-Max
p.s. hope in short time to be able to upload pictures from games and videos.
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